Just a Click Away

I’ve moved all my buttons, clickables and so on to this page so they;re all in one location. I enjoy them and want to share them, but I was beginning to feel like they were “clogging up” my blog space on the side bar. I hope that you enjoy visiting some of these sites as well. Also, if you try to click on a button and it doesn’t take you to the site (broken link), please leave a comment so that I can get it fixed. Enjoy!!

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kids ministry

Homeschool Resource List


Photobucket Free Homeschool Resources and Printables at www.thatresourcesite.com!

Free homeschool resources

Free homeschool teaching resources CHSH Button 2


Blog ‘n’ Tell

preschool sunday school


ABC Jesus Loves Me

Mustard Seeds Catholic Icing

Proud Member

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Mom Blogs LrgImOnHipMama

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

Proud member of Mom Blog Network

The Small Is Beautiful Manifesto


totally tots BWS tips button

Three Different Directions The Not-So-Blog

I Can Teach My Child

Photobucket My quest for sanity

Following In My Shoes Mommy and Me Creations

Dawns Diversions

Photobucket Diaries of a Domestic Goddess Sweet 'N' Sassy Girls

Debateur Debates A Path With Promise

A Cowboy's Wife Photobucket

Mommy mayhem



Click Here to Join HS Treasure Trove

Homeschool Treasure Trove
at YAHOO! Groups

Photobucket Free & Affordable Notebooking Pages (& More!)

Homeschool Share

Homeschooling Blogs
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2 thoughts on “Just a Click Away

    • Really?? I’m still a member of HS Treasure Trove and get messages from them on a regular basis. I think my link for it just doesn’t work….or it’s a different HS Treasure Trove. LOL I know I’m a member though and get messages. I do miss Notebooking2Learn though.

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