About The Schoolhouse

This is a blog my an ordinary mom that homeschools our teenage daughter.  We started homeschooling because public school, well, it sucks!!  Retiring from the Army left out the choice of continuing with private school.  That meant that we brought her home were she belongs!!

I started off creating Christian game because there just wasn’t many out there.  One of the women that I’d met in a Y!Group suggested that I start a group to share those very Christian games.  I did just that and was off and running!!  My group is still going strong and it continues to develop.  One day, I created an educational game and shared it in some of the educational Y!Groups that I was in.  I was in them to get ideas for religious games.  Well that first step into the educational world went over well and before I knew it, someone asked me to create an educational game for them.  I did that and I was hooked!!  I now create Christian and educational printables to share in Y!Groups and with my blog readers. 

The printables that I make include things like file folder games, worksheets, cards, and many other things.  I do them for a variety of themes and subjects.  I’m also more than happy to take special requests!!

I started this blog, The Schoolhouse, because I couldn’t seem to find a balance with my daily life blog.  If I’d want to have a rant about something, it would send my readers away that were after printables.  If I wasn’t just me and talk about life, then my daily readers would stop coming.  So I decided, that my balance would be to start this blog for all my FREE printables and leave the other one for our families daily life!!

I hope that you can find something that you can use and that the kids will love from the printables that I share here.  I truly enjoy sharing and hope that it benefits the kids.  Please feel free to comment or rate my blog so that I know who’s using my printables and if they work to suit your needs!!

Please be sure to visit my daily life blog, Commotion from the Ocean of Life!!

2 thoughts on “About The Schoolhouse

  1. I really love your games. My kids especially loved the Nativity Uno game. Is it still available? We lost our set when we moved plus I’d like to print a set for the little boy I babysit. Thanks so much for all the great games! God bless you.

    • Yes, it’s most certainly still available. Just type in “Nativity UNO” in the search and it should take you right to it!! So glad that you like my games and can use them. If you ever need anything specific, please let me know!!

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