Spring Break

It’s time for….

spring-break-logoat our little homeschool, religious education, and here at The Schoolhouse!!

Since there’s no class this week, I don’t have a new page for the Bible ABC’s to post and I’m just going to take a break to enjoy some quality family time.  I’ll return next week and hopefully have some great new ideas that I can turn into printables to share!!

Travel Fun & Games

I know that summer is quickly coming to an end, but you can’t tell it by the temperatures here!!  There’s also lots of people out there taking their family vacations or visiting family and friends.  To keep the kids busy in the car, I’ve created a couple simple printable activities.

Last year, I made a Travel Bingo game where the objects can be marked off as you find them on the trip.  There’s also calling cards, that someone could use to call off objects or they could be cut apart and the players draw objects….until BINGO is yelled!!

There’s a set of Travel Word Games where words are made from travel phrases.  There’s 4 different ones!!  I also made 2 versions of tic-tac-toe with a travel theme.  Finally, there’s a set of maps to choose from to color the states (or countries) that you visit or travel through on your summer journeys.

I have 2 more games in the works, but I don’t know if I’ll get them done or not.  Well, I will, it’s just a matter of when!!  Just so many things going on right now and I’m trying to keep up with it all.  Please check back to THIS post to see if there’s an update for me finishing up creating them.  If it’s not posted by Sunday, then I got overwhelmed and I’m not sure when they’ll be complete!!

Here’s a collage sample of some of the items for travel fun & games….

If you’re interested in the travel fun & games printables, please just…..

If you’re going on vacation, taking a trip someplace, visiting family, or going use these games for your homeschool, classroom, or other location, please leave a comment and let me know how you and the kids like it.  I’d also appreciate it if you’d click the button below (as well as in the side bar under “vote or rate The Schoolhouse”).

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