I wanted to give everyone a quick update because I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything here.  I’m 2 weeks post-op now and doing great.  I’m taking the full time that I need and happy with the way things are working out.  I’m really excited to be a healthier me!!

I haven’t created anything new at all.  I hope to soon, but just don’t know.  My props have been knocked out from under me with my name being slandered on GigaTribe and still finding my free printables there.  I’ve asked for them to be removed so many times and it’s like a broken record.  Unfortunately, these educators (teachers and homeschool parents) feel that they’re entitled and have literally said that.  They don’t think that they have to follow the rules and can share whatever they want with whoever they want.

They just don’t get the kind of damage that it’s all caused.  Then again, they don’t care.  So right now, my focus is on me because when I do come back, I’ll be 100%!!  Please be continue to be patient and continue to follow along.  It’s my amazing readers and followers like you….and my fantastic group members….that are the reason why I’ll get through this and find my way back to creating again. 

Thanks for all the well-wishes and support.  I’ll keep in contact and God willing, I’ll be creating again soon!!