V.B.S. – Amazing Wonders Aviation

Each summer, one of my group members conducts Vacation Bible School (VBS) at her church.  For a few years now, she’s asked me to create printables that they can use in the classroom because they have a limited budget and can’t purchase the whole package.  This year, their theme is Amazing Wonders Aviation through LifeWay and it looks like a great backdrop to teaching the kids God’s love.

They use the NIV version of the Bible, so any printables with the verse for this theme will come from that version of the Bible.  Also, I just want to note ahead of time that I will be adding a few more items to this and I’ll do another blog post to update what ever else I create.

For the memory verse, I made a cryptogram, fallen phrase, double puzzle, and letter tiles.  These are all puzzles geared more toward the older elementary age kids.  There’s also an AWA maze.

I created a set of banners and doorknob hangers.  You’ll find desk plates and name tags as well.  There’s also a set of basic VBS bookmarks. 

Finally, the things that I’m most excited about and proud of is a passport and tickets/boarding passes.  The kids can hand the teacher a boarding pass each day as they enter class.  Beforehand, the tickets can be filled in with the destination that the class is going during VBS.  There’s also a set of semi-completed tickets for those that don’t want to fill in all the information.  The passport can be stamped by the teacher as activities during VBS are completed or a lesson is done for the day.  I just can’t tell you how much I love these!!

**PLEASE NOTE:  When I printed the passport, it printed front and back perfectly on the 2 printers that I have.  One, prints front and back, while the other, the paper has to be flipped over and re-inserted.  I’m unable to give tech help on how your printer might print front and back, so if you have an issues, just print one-sided and then cut each page out and insert in the cover, then staple.**

Clipart and Images © LifeWay media.

Here’s a thumbnail view of some of the items for VBS….

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