Here’s the mini-book that I made for our first class….

Commotion from the Ocean of Life

Our first Religious Education (CCD) class was last night.  It was a great class!!  I have 10 kids and 1 of them was absent.  The class is split in half….5 boys and 5 girls!!  Our first lesson was Creation (and I continue it next week with Adam & Eve).

I made this mini-book for my class to do.  It’s a simple one to start the year off.  Each page has a coloring image.  There’s also a verse (from NAS) that they can read or if they’re too small, can be read together as a class.  I also did word tracing for each day of creation. 

Here’s a thumbnail view of some of the minibook…..

Clipart is fromWPClipart.comand is used with permission.

If you’d like to download this desk set, just…..

I hope that you enjoy this mini-book.  My class sure did!!  I plan to make more mini-books in…

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