Noah’s Ark Chore Chart

Here’s a FREE chore chart that I’ll be using in my religion class this year…..

Commotion from the Ocean of Life

Every year, my kids like helping out with duties in our religious education classroom.  I usually just simply rotate them between the couple of chores that they can do for me.  I don’t have many, but they love doing them!!  This year, I decided that instead of me just trying to keep track on paper, I’d create a chore chart.

There’s actually 2 chore charts in this set.  The first is the one that I used that has actual chores on it.  The duties include pass out papers, collect papers, bathroom monitors (boy and girl), box collector (our supply boxes), and line leader.  The second chart is blank.  The chores can actually be typed in and then printed, or it can be printed as is and the duties can be written in.

What I plan to do with mine is now that it’s printed and laminated, I’ll use a Vis-a-Vis…

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