I’m currently on Spring Break with my daughter and enjoying a little down time.  My promise to her was that I wouldn’t be online during this time so that we can do whatever we want on a whim and just have a real break!!

I did want to be able to share this week though, so I’ve scheduled a couple blog posts so that you all can download some goodies while I’m off having a good time!!  That said, I had a huge issue trying to upload my files to 4Shared, so if you go to download them, they may….or may not be there.  If they’re not, please leave me a comment and when I’m online at the end of Spring Break, I’ll see if I can fix any of the errors.

Today, I have a couple printables for clouds. The first is Layers of Clouds and it’s a mat to place images of the clouds in the appropriate altitude.  They are also labeled whether or not the cloud type has precipitation in them.  There’s also Types of Clouds Label Cards.  These cards have images of clouds and they have to be labeled with their correct cloud type.

I made these for my daughter, thinking that even through they’re somewhat simple for her age, she’d need to repeat the cloud types and layers over and over to get them down.  Her science book really focused on that this year.  I’m happy to say that she breezed right through and didn’t even need them, but I’m hoping that all of you can still benefit from them!!

Images © internet sources and believed to be public domain.

Here’s a thumbnail view of parts to these cloud printables….

If you’re interested in these cloud printables, just….

If you use this printables, please leave a comment and let me know how you and the kids like them….or don’t like them. I’d also appreciate it if you’d click the button below to vote for my blog. (You can vote ONCE a day!!) I love feedback and create by the input that I receive….thanks!!

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6 thoughts on “Clouds

    • If you click the download, it should take you to 4Shared. From there, you click on the file that you want to download and then “download” from that file’s screen. You have to “Free Download” and will have to wait like 20 seconds and it automatically starts to download from there.

      Hope that helps…..good luck!!

  1. Is there a way you could send these files? The link doesn’t work (it says I don’t have permission t view the files).

    • I’m sorry, but this file is no longer available. It can now be found in my stores, which there are links to on my new blog.

      Thank you for your interest!!

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