Seuss-icle Followers Contest

I’m having a Seuss-icle Followers Contest here on The Schoolhouse starting 25 February!!  Please read on to learn how you can enter and win a great prize on 3 March!!

I’m trying very hard to get back into creating new educational and Christian printables and blogging about them to get them out there to the kids.  The only way I can do that is to reach the parents, teachers, daycare providers, and those that work with or spend time with the children.  To do this, I’m holding a special contest right here on The Schoolhouse to boost my followers!!

My goals are simple…..

  • I’d like to reach 50 followers on my blog and I currently have 28. 
  • I’d like to reach 30 followers on my Facebook page and I currently have 13.

How can you help….and win??  That’s the easy part!!  To enter the contest from 25 February to 3 March, just choose one or all of these possible entries….

  • Talk about my contest on your blog and/or Facebook page, then leave me a comment HERE about each way you got the word out.  This can be up to 2 entries!!
  • If you don’t currently follow my blog and/or Facebook page, start following (via feed or e-mail) me and leave me a comment HERE letting me know how you are now following me.  (If you currently follow me, you qualify too….just comment and let me know!!)  This can be up to 2 entries!!
  • Pin my contest to one of your Pinterest boards and leave me a comment HERE letting me know you’ve done this.  This is 1 entry!!
  • Tweet about the contest on Twitter and leave a comment HERE letting me know that you tweeted.  This is 1 entry!!
  • Refer someone to follow me on my blog and/or Facebook page and have them leave me a comment HERE.  This is up to 2 entries….and the person you refer is then entered as well!!

That’s up to 8 chances for you to enter your name into the drawing to win the prize!!  You can find the “like” button to my Facebook page in the column on the right.  What’s the prize you ask??  Well, it’s a $10 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers and ONE name will be drawn from the comments (which I’ll number) and let choose.  I’ll announce the winner at 8pm (CST) on 3 March.

I should add that everyday, or at least to the best of my abilities, I’ll be offering at least one Dr. Seuss themed printable.  Some will be “old”, but there’s many that haven’t seen them and many will be newly created materials.  So please, be sure to check back often to see what I’m sharing!!

Now’s the time….please grab, pin, post, or share the button below and help me get my printables out there to the kids…..and get entered for your chance to win that prize!!

Copy this code to add to your blog or site…..

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt='FREE Educational & Christian Printables!' border=0 /></a>

**PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Seuss, Books, and Characters © Seuss Enterprises – I in no way lay claim to ownership of the character, images, books, or anything else pertaining to Dr. Seuss.  Any printable is for educational purposes only!!**

P.S.  I’d also appreciate it if you’d click here to vote for my blog. (You can vote ONCE a day!!)

The information that is posted on this blog is general information purposes. It is not intended to substitute for curriculum or for obtaining advice from your principal, church or DRE. It is for informational and educational purposes only. All activities, games, information, etc. on this blog are free. However they are ONLY to be used for classroom and personal use. They may NOT be published on any websites/blogs or other electronic media, distributed in any manner, uploaded to any file sharing service/storage, or sold for profit. If you know someone who would benefit from these materials, please refer them to this blog. Do NOT share the materials that you download with them. Copyright © 2008-2012. All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.

9 thoughts on “Seuss-icle Followers Contest

  1. Elaine,
    I subscribed to your blog and “liked” you on Facebook. As soon as I figure out how to Pin you, I’ll do that, too.


  2. We LOVE your blogs! ollowers on FB and long time blog followers. :). Thanks so much!

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