New Blog Look

I know it seems like I disappeared without a word, and I apologize.  Things got really busy around here.  On top of that, I was fighting a cold and it ended up getting the best of me.  I’m very much on the mend and feeling really good.  Things are just still busy and I’m playing catch-up now.

I realize that I’m behind on my “letter of the week” posts.  That’s alright though because they’ll just go longer this way!!  There will be one posted on Monday like usual.  I also had more Halloween items to post and never got to it and I didn’t even share them in my groups.  Guess I have a head start on next year!!

I’m sure you can see by looking at my blog that it has a new look.  I’m really happy with how it’s looking right now.  I think it looks so much more like I’ve always wanted it.  I made the header myself!!  I hope that you enjoy the new format of the blog and really like the way it looks while you’re visiting.

Well, I think that about covers it!!  If time permits, I’ll have something over the weekend, and if not, I’ll be back Monday with “letter of the week”.  Take care until then!!


One thought on “New Blog Look

  1. I love the header, Elaine, the new look is great. I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better, take it easy and enjoy your weekend, Monday will be here soon enough.

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